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Meet Mark & Hayley

Your local Certified Installer in Otago.

As your local Certified Installer, Mark has been installing ventilation systems in the Otago region for many years and is extremely passionate about improving the lives and health of his customer’s homes.

In the office you will find Hayley. Hayley is as equally passionate about improving the health of kiwi homes and supports Mark with all day to day running of their region.

Get in touch today to find out the best Unovent solution to improve the health of your home!

Mark services


You can contact Mark on:

Phone: 0800 866 836

Mark & Hayley can help you solve:


Damp air takes longer to heat because the air needs to be dried before it can be heated. Moist air can also cause respiratory problems, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Say goodbye to walking into a hot, stuffy home.

Wet, streaming windows

With cleaner and dyer air, ventilation provides a multitude of benefits, including reducing condensation.

Mould and mildew buildup

Mould and mildew spread nasty spores into the air that are bad for everyone; and they love moist damp areas.

We offer the highest quality workmanship. Guaranteed.

We stand behind all of our products, and we also stand behind the people who we trust to install them too.

That's why we guarantee the performance of all of our products with a warranty and we also stand behind Mark's workmanship.

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Mark & Hayley are more than happy to give you advice about any products you'd like to install within your home, including helping you choose the product that will best suit you.

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