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General Information

There is no charge for delivery for replacement filters. Your certified installer will bring your ventilation systems with them at time of installation, so there are no delivery costs for these.

For replacement filters or other parts that require delivery we will dispatch your order within three working days from then you've completed your order.

Yes you can for replacement filters. For all systems please contact us.

If you think you need to cancel your order, please contact us before 5pm on the following work day and we will process the cancellation for you.

Adequate ventilation for moisture reduction is a key element in a healthy home. Unovent® home ventilation systems will help to reduce condensation and the hidden moisture that create mould and mildew – both major causes of asthma and allergies. They can also reduce rot, odours, toxins and air- born allergens.

Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems Warranties range from one year to ten years depending on what product you purchase. Check the warranty page for your product choice.

You can purchase Unovent interest free* with Q card. If you don't have a Q card, we can help you apply for one! Just call us on 0800 866 836. *Q Card’s terms and conditions apply.

Unovent Ductless System questions

The general rule is one unit per sleeping area (bedroom) and in the living areas. So if you have a formal lounge plus a family room we suggest one unit in each.

Your attic area must have a free flow of air from outside to replace the air drawn into the rooms below on a continuous basis. Depending on the roofing type and construction of your roof you may have building paper located beneath the roof material and this can prevent air flow. This is easily rectified by placing a simple air grille into the soffit or eaves, one per room outlet, to allow air to flow into he roof space.

As a general rule for a four unit Unovent system it will take less than half a day.

The cost of the 240v Powerpoint for Unovent to plug into, and any additional outside air grilles into the soffit or eaves are not included in the installation cost.

Our Certified Installers do need access and a minimum roof space height of 300mm to install a Unovent unit.

Unovent is whisper-quiet. You won't even know it's there .

The Unovent ventilation systems start at $1099 including installation.

Depends on the system, but the typical cost of running a 4 unit Unovent system 24 hours a day by 7 days a week is about 40 to 50 cents every 10 days - less than $1.50 per month!

Unovent is positive pressure meaning the air coming from the vent pushes stale, moist air out of rooms through gaps under doors, around framing, out through extract vents etc. It is very different to the fan in your bathroom that sucks air outside! Both serve different purposes.

If you wish to purchase Unovent as supply only please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

Unovent units are fitted with an industry standard G4 polymer filter. Filters can be easily removed from within the room, hand-washed and placed back in each Unovent unit. Replacement filters can be purchased in the Filters section on the website.

Xtract Installation

For an existing house you do not need council permission to install any of our Extract systems. With a new build, the whole house will be checked and signed off by Council as standard procedure.

Unovent has a range of proprietary 'flashings' to suit all roof profiles. These specially-designed waterproof surrounds are fitted to your roof to ensure the rain stays out of your home.

As a general rule our Xtract systems can be installed in 1.5 - 2 hours.

Electrical work, Fire Rating, Install of Tray Over Flashings if required (required under 5° roof pitch), and any Scaffolding if required is not included in the installation costs.

Xchange Installation

Xchange has a large 'box' that holds the fan and energy exchange unit - and filters that need to be washed or replaced so you will need to have access to your attic space.

Xchange has dual high performance fans with two speed settings on them. If you run them both on high speed you will be able to hear them, therefore at night it is better to run them on the lower speed.

A general rule is that if you have less than 3 outlets and one return it can be installed in one day. If you have more units it may take 1 - 2 days.

The installation of a 240v plug, Fire Rating, Install of Tray Over Flashings if required (required under 5° roof pitch), and any Scaffolding if required is not included in the installation costs.

You do need access to your roof space to wash or change the filters. You simple unplug the unit for safety reasons, open the door, and simply slide the blue filters out. These filters can be washed in warm soapy water and dried thoroughly before replacing. And remember to plug the unit back in after closing the door.

If you are installing via the roof, then yes the roofing material will be modified in the installation. You can however go through the soffits.

Keep your Unovent system performing at its best by following these simple steps:

Care Instructions

Wipe and clean diffusers where present.

Wash filters every 6 months or replace according to your model.

Ensure any exterior vent inlets are clear from leaves and any other blockages.

Ensure your ventilation system is turned off before maintenance to ensure fans are not accidentally activated.

Technical Resources

Full technical information for builders and architects, including CADs for each Unovent product can be found here.